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its cold! [09 Sep 2006|06:23pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Today is actually my first day off work in 10 days and I thought I was going to enjoy it a lot more than I really have. I woke up at 1:30 and then thought about bumming around but instead I started doing my laundry, cleaned my bathroom (my room is always clean so there wasn't much to really do!), and then I vaccumed the whole house.

Now that everything is done I do not have anything to really do, and since EMU is gay and the Professor's are on strike I do not have any studying or homework even to do.

Tonight is Dally in the Ally downtown Detroit so hopefully that'll be fun, because last night we went to Oslo's to see some friends play and the music was good but it wasn't that packed. (Plus their drinks are like all $5+ so it's either you get drunk and poor or you dont drink and be cheap!)

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I am finally 21!!! [15 Aug 2006|01:07am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday dear Katie, Happy Birthday to me!

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Such and such.. [08 Aug 2006|07:06pm]
[ mood | motivated ]

So I guess it has been awhile, but who is counting? (aside from livejournal that does count and tell you how long it has been since your last update!)

My life has changed as I know it, and I really couldn't be happier. I've made a lot of serious changes lately and they have definitely come out on the good side. I am just trying to work on the whole "growing up" thing right about now. I'm trying to get myself on the right path so that I can get to where I need to be. My life motto right now is "you do what you gotta do, and I'll do what I gotta do".

Needless to say my birthday is coming up in a week now.. the big 21. I am still undecided with what I am going to do but I do have the 14-16th off from work, so hopefully I can come up with something to do for those few days. I'm debating if I want to go to Cedar Point again, or if I just want to stay home and do (probably nothing!) something. But I don't know. And it's not like I am really into going to the bar and getting trashed, but I do know that some of my co-workers wanted to go for my birthday. (They think it'd be funny to see me drinking/drunk)

So who really knows what will go on, and I really should figure it out because it really is only a week away. Oh well, though. I really liked my birthday last year and everyone who was there really made it special. So I guess even if I can just go out to eat with a bunch of friends again, that'd be nice. :)

I'm really excited to get back to school. I am split between being really excited about classes starting and meeting new people, because three years into it I have already made some good friends. I am starting to enjoy EMU a little bit more, and even though every campus has their problems, I really do like going to EMU. My schedule for the fall is Tuesday and Thursdays 8am until 3:15pm, which for the past two years has been the same schedule I've been running on. I love it so much. I get in and out and done with it in two days our of the week and I can still have 7 days avaiable for working and studying. It really is my ideal schedule, so I am satisfied.

I came home to finish my laundry, but then I hopped on the computer and decided that since I haven't updated in awhile, I would... but now instead of going to watch a movie I think I am going to go read or do something productive.

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VACATION!!! [28 Jun 2006|11:37pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

I have a mini-vacation from work and it's amazing. I'm off from today through July 3rd. I am so happy and I am ready to relax and have fun on sunday with some of my best friends at Cedar Point! (And I will be trying not to think about when I go back to work I am working Tueday-Saturday!)

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[17 Jun 2006|06:31pm]
[ mood | Ahhhhh! ]


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my new look... [01 Jun 2006|05:24pm]
[ mood | creative ]

i got a new look and i bought myself a new digital camera... it really does help me out to work at best buy! :)


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[17 May 2006|12:33am]
For anyone who knew Kenny Brown, he passed away the other night. Best wishes to his family, his girlfriend and his friends. RIP Kenny Brown, it's always hard to say good-bye.
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everybody must go see it!!!! [13 May 2006|12:27am]
[ mood | my right ear & throat hurts! ]

mission impossible 3 is sweet as hell!!!

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weeeee! [26 Apr 2006|09:49pm]
[ mood | excited + relieved + anxious ]

As of 9:30AM Thursday, April 27th... Semester will be over!

I am taking 1 spring class, but it is online, so I am not really concerned with that. However, I know I am going to be working a lot this summer, since I do have two jobs and all.... So far it looks like next week I am working 35 hours. I'm expecting to work anywhere from 35-50 hrs each week.

Onto other news....
cedar point: may 11th
pre-party for demf : may 26th
demf : may 27th - may 29th [VIP]

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ITS OFFICALLLLL!!! [15 Apr 2006|03:27am]
www.demf.com <<< IT'S GONNA BE AT HART PLAZA AGAINNN!!! >>>
even tho i'm not impressed with the line-up this year:

Photek, leading Jungle DJ from the United Kingdom
Pascal F.E.O.S., pioneering techno DJ from Germany
Derrick Carter, Chicago house music DJ/producer
Rob Acid, German acid techno producer
Ark, minimal techno DJ and first-time visitor to Detroit
Josh Wink, globally recognized techno DJ/producer
Orb, legendary ambient producers
Greenskeeper, rapidly emerging house music band
Tortured Soul, rapidly emerging house music band
Alex Under, German minimal techno artist
Mark Broom, British techno DJ/producer
Pantytec, vastly popular German techno act
Planet of the Drums, America’s most popular Jungle DJ/MC ensemble
Krikor, German minimal techno artist
Superpitcher, leading talent from Cologne’s Kompakt label
Richie Hawtin, Detroit/Windsor/Berlin techno legend
Collabs: Speedy J/Chris Leibing, European hard techno duo
Dandy Jack, Perlon Records (Berlin) popular live act
Doc Martin, West Coast house music legend
Roy Davis Jr., globally known Chicago acid house pioneer
Markus Guenter, German ambient artist
Klimek, Kompakt Records down-tempo live act
Jay Haze, minimal techno artist
Socks and Sandals, making their Detroit debut
Adam Marshall, international techno DJ/Producer making his Detroit debut
Daniel Bell, Detroit minimal techno legend
Jeremy Caufield, German techno DJ/producer
Donald Glaude, West Coast DJ/producer
Function and Regis, New York hard techno duo
Neil Landstrumm, Veteran Techno producer from Scotland

More Headliners are soon to be confirmed including many Detroit artists. In Addition, the festival will feature showcases from:

Ghostly International
Most Wanted Agency
J-Dilla Tribute
Souldega / Kolour / 3 Degrees Global
Women on Wax
Detroit Clubscene/Bleu Nightclub
Picture This Detroit
Detroit Underground
Dark Course Productions
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work, school, work, school, spring semester, work... [04 Apr 2006|07:29pm]
[ mood | drained ]

Just as the title says..
started my second job at best buy. so now i am basically going from one job (pier1) to the next (best buy) or vise versa. it's draining, for sure. but once i get those two paychecks on the same day, it'll be worth it!!

school is still kicking my ass. going to school full time and working two part time jobs, uhhh yeah... and i just registered for 3 spring classes at emu, but i might end up dropping one of them so i can take a spring class at scraft and then 2 with emu, but we'll see.

i figure if i keep making the amount of money i will be making between these two jobs i can get my own apartment.. that'd be cool. i dont think i'd be able to live with certain people, well jeremy, but probably not anyone else...

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school takes over.. i wish i could emerge myself in my blankies. [22 Mar 2006|11:19pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Hey... remember me?
I'm still alive.

lot of hw & studying. women studies test & homework. anthropology exam, 3 essays and 75pts total. extra credit for three classes. psychology 340 reseach & paper: 6-8pgs due 3/30 and a socl 308 exam on 3/30. during all that, working two jobs.. deep breath

when will it be over? not in 1 month.
i'm taking spring & summer.

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second job [14 Mar 2006|07:04pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

I got a second job! I'm still going to be working at Pier 1 Imports, but now I'm going to be working at Best Buy as well. Wooo. More money! Michael Allen, if you get that little bonus, you should split it with me. ;)

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[05 Mar 2006|07:35pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

I'm feelin' lonely

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when it's over... [03 Mar 2006|03:52pm]
[ mood | blank ]

I've come to the realization that spring break is over. Mainly because I have to work an 8 hour shift tomorrow and close on Sunday and Monday.
I've accomplished nothing, once again. But I'm comfortable with that. I did a lot of sleeping and relaxing, so wait.. I accomplished being lazy!

Hope everyone enjoyed their break, or for whom that are about to go on theirs, ENJOY!!

(Is semester over yet???)

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cmu [24 Feb 2006|03:01am]
[ mood | excited ]

I'm so excited to go up to CMU!! It's gonna be so much fun... I haven't seen Heather in soooo long.

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i'm not down with this sickness... [20 Feb 2006|09:01pm]
[ mood | sick, but content ]

I just took a 4 hr nap to fight off this nasty sickness. I really think it is working, too. After I eat something I am going to go back to bed and wake up at 6am and go to classes. Thankfully I have tomorrow night off work, so that's good.
On to some better new... 4 more days til CMU!! I'm so excited to see Hea Hea. And some other people too. =) We're gonna try to get some people together and go out to dinner one night.. it should be fun!! Jeremy and I will be leaving Friday, sometime or another.

Other than that... the house is great, my room is awesome, and I now have the computer in my room along with a DVD player, so really, what's the point of me leaving my room?? Oh yeah.. to eat.

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Why do 16 year olds think they know everything?? [11 Feb 2006|12:25pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I just found out that my 16 year old cousin is pregnant by her 16 year old boyfriend of only a few months. The family met him at Christmas, and I guess it didn't take them long to get a little too friendly.
I cannot believe how stupid she is! She should definitely know better considering she has had to suffer in the same type of enviornment because her mother got pregnant when she was only 16 as well. I guess you can say it runs in the family.
Maybe it is just me or something, but I absolutely have no sympathy for these little 15, 16, 17, etc. year olds who get pregnant, because obviously you think you're old and mature enough to handle having sex, but did you ever realize that it takes about $135,000 a year to raise a baby, and needless to say, neither of these kids have a job, so fuck. Now both of their futures are ruined and they are not even graduated from High School yet.
Just hearing this news makes me so thankful I did not grow up in that type of environment. I really know that I probably should be sympathetic, but I'm sorry, I can't be. Stupidity pays for itself, I guess...
I mean, I guess I feel bad for the two of them in the sense that they did not have any intention of this happening, but it's like, every time you have sex, no matter who you are, you are taking this risk, it does not matter if the girl is on BC and they use a condom... it's called SPONANEOUS OVULATION. Many animals can do this, as well as Humans. You can still ovulate without Menstrating Now if that isn't some scary shit, then I don't know what is.. Because it just proves that no matter how safe you try to make things, there is always a way of the Devil poking his head in to say, "haha, Gotcha!"
If there is definitely one thing that I remember from my Psych of Sex class it is... THERE IS NO ABSOLUTE "SAFE" PERIOD FOR SEX!!
One of the handouts from that class was called: "Are you ready for Sex?" and one of the 8 guidlines includes: 8. You have discussed and agreed on what both of you will do if conception occurs, because no contraceptive method is 100% effective.

Ahh.. it makes me so angry to know this happens so often. So many new babies are born into careless hands... Makes me sick.

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[09 Feb 2006|11:47am]
[ mood | excited ]

On Sunday, it'll be our 20 month anniversary.
We fricken rock! Only 4 more til the big one.

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[18 Jan 2006|04:05pm]
hello; from far away.
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